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Why Use Trenchless Technology to Repair Drains and Sewer Lines?

Fixing your home sewer system in the past meant a lot of excavation had to be done in your compound. One had to dig along the entire sewer line to identify the areas that require repair and to create room for the personnel to carry out their work. The excavations ended up messing your garden and ornamental vegetation. Structures such as your driveways and underground pipes and cables would be ruined not to mention the danger of interfering with the original structure of buildings.

Trenchless sewer repair is an alternative sewer repair method that tremendously minimizes the mess that would otherwise result from digging. Plumbing experts use trenchless sewer systems to install new pipes and rehabilitate or replace existing underground pipes with little interference with surface structures and activities.

There are two trenchless repair and replacement techniques. One is pipe bursting and the other pipe relining. Like the name suggests, Pipe bursting involves breaking of the old pipe as a replacement pipe is pulled through. The same equipment that rips apart the old pipe pulls through the new pipe to replace the old one. It replaces the impaired line leaving the new line in the same location where the old one was.

Pipe relining does not destroy the impaired drainage. Instead, a fiber liner is pulled to line inside the damaged pipe. The lining seals off all cracks and will endure many years. There are several reasons why you should consider using trenchless sewer repair techniques.

Saves time and cost

By utilizing modern technology, plumbers can quickly detect the actual problem, locate it and find out what kind of sewer repair is required. This is a relatively quick process that economizes on time and money pinpointing the parts of the line that need to fixing. The heavy machinery used for moving soil in the traditional method incurs a lot of expenditure, particularly in fuel. The former plumbing process consumed a lot of time; that would amount to several days as opposed to trenchless repair that gets your repairs done well within a few hours. The procedure eliminates the cost of restoring your yard; which in the traditional intrusive process would heighten even to surpass the cost of repair.

Reduces disruptions and mess

With trenchless repair technology, only two accession holes are required on either end of the sewer line. There is no need to unearth the entire drainage line to fix it. Thus, it saves you money and time. A lot of money is used in digging trenches and putting the soil back to its position in the traditional repairs. No money will be spent in putting your yard and driveway back together. Other underground services such as water supply are not messed up; thus life goes on normally in your home during repairs. Trenchless sewer repair is a subsurface process, therefore, leaves no mess behind. The scene of piled up soil in your yard after the work is complete damages the appeal and beauty of the garden.


The procedure is eco-friendly because plants are not destroyed. Pollution is reduced by the fact that fewer materials are used for the task, and few trucks are needed to transport them. The waste generated from the procedure is also minimal. In instances where the work is not complete traditional plumbing, the process would leave the trenches open until the work is complete. The open channels pose a threat especially if you have playful young children. You do not need to imagine the pools of water that would result in case it rains before completion of work. The whole process would halt until the weather is favorable to allow draining of pools and resumption of repair.


Not only is the flow of water enhanced, but the material used in repair and rehabilitation is also durable. A drainage system that has undergone repairs will endure much longer compared to its traditional counterpart.

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