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Sewer Replacement in Roswell, Georgia

Most of the residents and homeowners in Roswell, Georgia do not pay much attention to their sewer line. The sewer line is responsible for removing sewage and wastewater from your home. Once it does the job, they believe they have little or nothing to worry about. On the other hand, most of the sewer lines in Roswell, Georgia were constructed with galvanized steel. They have become old and weak.

After some time, they begin to corrode and leak. Eventually, it will get to a point that the sewer line has become damaged beyond repair. A situation like this was experienced in Roswell, Georgia and some nearby cities including Snellville and Valdosta.

In Valdosta, more than 2.2 million gallons of sewage and wastewater leaked from the new wastewater treatment plant in the city, while a sewage spill in Snellville dumped about 9,000 gallons of sewage into the creek. The domestic water of the residents of Roswell was affected. It was later revealed that the spills were caused by the old and damaged sewer pipes in the city. The only solution is to replace the sewer pipes.

How to Detect Sewer Issues in Your Home

Once your sewer line becomes old, there are high chances that it will develop a fault at any point in time. However, there are also situations when sewer lines from newer materials develop a fault and will need replacement. Some of the ways of detecting sewer line issues in your home include:

Sewage Backup or slow drains in your home

A sewage backup or slow drain in your home means your sewer line is blocked or clogged somewhere. When your drains (including those from your showers, kitchen sink, and toilets) becomes clogged, the issue is certainly from your sewer line. It has suffered a serious damage and needs replacement.

Wet Pool, Bad Smells in Yard

When your sewer line bursts and begins to leak, sewage or wastewater will rise up and form a wet pool in your yard. There will also be a terrible sewage odor coming from the yard. Once you begin to notice this in your yard, you need to hire the services of a professional for sewer replacement.

Water spots and Flooding in your basement

The biggest menace that can be presented in your home by a broken or damaged sewer line is water spots and flooding in your basement or foundations. If necessary actions are not taken on time, it will weaken the foundation of the building and, who knows, a collapse might be on the way.

You Need a Professional Sewer Line Replacement Service

Once you notice any of the issues mentioned above in your Roswell, Georgia home, do not hesitate to call on a professional sewer replacement company to fix the issue. If you are looking for a competent and reliable sewer replacement company in Roswell, Georgia, you can always count on The Pipe Medic to get the job done.

The Pipe Medic is a specialized trenchless pipe lining, drain inspection and drain cleaning company that is known to offer top notch sewer replacement and repair services to the residents of Roswell, Georgia. Our trenchless repair and replacement methods are less invasive. There won’t be any need to excavate your yard.

Contact Us!

At The Pipe Medic, we work with a team of well-trained sewer replacement experts that are always ready to provide a fast, effective solution to each and every one of your sewer issues. Call us today if you need sewer replacement services. You can trust on us to work diligently, saving you time and money.

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