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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Although trenchless technology has been on the residential market for about 15 years, it is still relatively new compared to other pipe repair methods. In fact, a full 78% of those surveyed on Angie’s List hadn’t even heard of it. As more people learn about this state-of-the-art technology, they realize how it can be a great alternative to traditional pipe replacement. Still, there are many who remain unsure of how trenchless repair compares to the “dig and replace” method they are more familiar with.

To clear that up, we listed the pros and cons of trenchless pipe repair, so you don’t have to compare the two on your own.


  • No need to dig Trenchless sewer repair is called trenchless because there is no need to dig a trench or hole in the ground to reach the pipes. All of the work is done underground from the interior of the old pipe. By relining the host pipe with a new, stronger material, there is no need to dig and replace the existing infrastructure.
  • Quicker and More Efficient Traditional sewer line repair methods take much longer than trenchless techniques. Once you factor in the dig time, repair time, and recovery time, you’re looking at a lengthy process with traditional methods. Trenchless repairs can be done in just a few days without inconveniencing the homeowner or sacrificing their landscape.


  • Can Cost a Bit More On average, trenchless pipe repair can cost a bit more than the aforementioned traditional method. When considering this method of pipe rehabilitation, it is important to understand that you are making an investment and saving money in the long run. Since there is no need to dig, you are saving thousands of dollars in restorative work that you would’ve otherwise had to pay. In fact, 73% of consumers agree, saying they' pay more for pipe replacement or repair if it meant preserving their existing landscaping, patio, deck or other outdoor features.
  • Some Damage is Too Great On a rare occasion, you could come across a sewer emergency that cannot be fixed with trenchless methods. The pipeline can be so in need of replacement that the only option is to dig to get to the root of the problem. Very old or corroded pipes might be better off with a traditional replacement. An expert pipe repairman can help you determine the best course of action after a thorough pipe inspection.

All in all, the pros of trenchless sewer repair outweigh the cons. Call us today to see how this great pipe repair solution can help your sewer system!

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