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Sewer Camera Inspections and How They Keep Your Pipe Repair Costs Low

Sewer camera inspections are the most cost-effective way to maintain your sewer pipelines and prevent costly repairs in the future.

A sewer camera is a waterproof device that can be inserted into your pipeline and snaked along straight down to the connection with the municipal mainline. It is possible that the video the technician is studying at the other end of the camera’s cable can also be saved to DVD for you to keep for your records.

Having an initial preventative care inspection will tell you the current status of your pipes. Your technician can also recommend to you how far in the future you should plan for another maintenance inspection. Concerns such as nearby tree growth, the age as well as the materials of your current pipes will be considered, and an appropriate recommendation will be given accordingly.

If you are currently experiencing a problem, the sewer camera allows the technician to actually see what is happening inside your pipes. There are many options to a pipe repair, including; using high pressured water to clear a clog, repairing a pipe invaded by a tree root with a cured in place sleeve, and pulling a new pipe in as the old worn, corroded pipe is broken away into the surrounding soil. Using a camera to see the exact cause of your pipeline problem allows the technician to recommend the option with the most benefits and the most cost savings. Without a sewer camera inspection, the answers to these questions remain unknown. The unknown can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that may not fully address the issue, or cause further problems later on.

It is always best to identify concerns before they become bigger issues. Call The Pipe Medic now to make an appointment, or just to inquire further about why it is so important to keep your sewer lines on a preventative maintenance schedule.

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