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Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

drain cleaning in Roswell, GA

The Pipe Medic strongly advises against the use of chemical drain cleaners. Although these products are readily available at most supermarkets, professional drain cleaning in Roswell, GA is a far better option to consider. Here are the biggest reasons why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners.

Health Hazard

Chemical drain cleaners put your health at risk. Simply inhaling the unhealthy fumes can cause breathing issues. Even worse, the chemicals can severely burn your skin. You definitely don’t want to have these dangerous products around children and pets. To keep everyone in your household safe, contact professional drain cleaning services in Roswell, GA.

Often Not Effective

Although many chemical drain cleaners are advertised as being effective, their real-world results usually aren’t good. Some of these store-bought products have trouble clearing minor clogs. Furthermore, no chemical drain cleaner can get rid of a tree root growing inside a drain. Plumbers will need to use a method called hydro jetting in Roswell, GA to get rid of tree roots that have invaded your system.

Damage Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners can gradually destroy your home’s plumbing system. The corrosive ingredients tend to eat away at the pipes from the inside out. These products also create excess heat, which can warp plastic pipes. When encountering a clog, your best option is to hire a drain cleaning company in Roswell, GA.

Damage Your Septic Tank

Many homes that are built outside the city feature an underground septic tank. This system relies upon natural bacteria to break down waste, which can be destroyed by chemical drain cleaners. To prevent issues, hire a licensed plumber to clear a clogged drain in Roswell, GA.

Bad for the Environment

Chemical drain cleaners are bad for the environment. Because the toxins are difficult for water treatment facilities to remove, they are often released back into local waterways.

If you need effective and non-toxic ways to get rid of your clogged drain, contact The Pipe Medic.

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