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Plumbing Problems? Keep Your Yard and Home Intact with Our Oakdale Trenchless Tech

Have you ever seen your neighbor or friend’s house, or yard being uprooted to get to pipe systems? Chances are you have, and in order to not fall victim to the same yard and flooring destruction there are a few things you should know.

How Our Trenchless Technology Allows Us To Repair Pipes & Sewer Drain Lines In Oakdale

First, there is an alternative way to reaching your pipe systems. This process is known as trenchless plumbing. Trenchless technology allows technicians to reach your pipes with minimal digging, which is a huge plus for you and your home! Cameras are used in your plumbing system to find the root cause of your pipe issues. Once the problem is found, there are a few different techniques our team can use to fix the problem. CIPP, or Cured-In-Place Pipe, is installed using flexible liners gently pushed into your old pipes using specified equipment. This means minimal digging is necessary and pipes can be re-layered from the inside out.

If there is a clog, cable drain cleaning can take care of it by inserting a special line with rotating teeth attached to the head. This equipment can cut through any clog in the pipes without uprooting the flooring or yard above it. Small repairs for cracks and leaks can also be completed using spot repair. Spot repair is done using equipment to get into the problem area and coat the crack with epoxy liner or resin to reestablish a structurally sound pipe.

Call The Pipe Medic For Green, Trenchless Solutions Today!

All of these procedures have been done time and time again at The Pipe Medic. Our seasoned team knowns all of the ins and outs of trenchless technology and can explain and fix your problem in no time. Without the fear of digging up your yard or home, we can save you both time and money. Contact us today for an estimate and explanation of how trenchless technologies can work for your home.

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