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How Pipe Inspections Help Keep Your Pipelines Healthy

Thanks to modern medicine, we know that preventative measures are the easiest and best way to stay healthy. The same is true for your pipes. Regular check-ups for your pipelines and sewer system can give you peace of mind and help you avoid costly disasters in the future.

Unfortunately, not all property owners follow routine maintenance guidelines, resulting in broken and burst pipes and flooding. In fact, plumbers and pipefitters are in high demand in the State of Georgia, with approximately five to ten thousand employed as of 2016. Since most plumbing emergencies are due to neglect, this demand can largely be attributed to negligence. Luckily, you don’t have to be one of the unlucky property owners stuck with a $30,000 bill for plumbing and flooding repairs. Avoid the hassle and bill with a pipe inspection.

Pipe inspections are essential for anyone purchasing a property, because if the pipeline is found to be in disrepair, you can ask the seller to fix it, saving you thousands of dollars. In much the same way, having the pipes inspected at your own property can save you the additional costs that come along with plumbing emergencies. During a pipe inspection, a licensed technician will be able to thoroughly examine the pipes from the inside and diagnose any looming issues. Since it’s never the right time or place to deal with broken pipes and flooding, pipe inspections are recommended to all property owners, residential and commercial alike.

Pipe inspections are quick and easy. A licensed technician inserts a small, waterproof, hi-resolution camera into the pipeline. Depending on the size of the pipe, the camera will be either manually inserted on a flexible rod, which the technician will be able to manipulate by hand, or driven into and through the pipe on a small, motorized tractor. A powerful light attached to the camera will illuminate the inside of the pipes, allowing the technician to thoroughly view the conditions and pipe function via the camera feed. Existing breaks, cracks, clogs, and root infiltration are visible and discernible, thanks to the powerful camera. The technician stays above ground during a pipe inspection, relying solely on the details provided by the camera feed to discern and diagnose plumbing issues.

The intricate look inside your pipes with a camera inspection provides enough details to recommend the correct type of repairs (if needed) for your pipes. Depending on the state of the pipes, different repair techniques or drain cleaning methods will be recommended, ultimately preserving the integrity of the pipes and subjecting them (and your wallet) to only what is needed to ensure proper pipe function. If a small break is apparent, the technician might recommend a pipe lining repair, as opposed to entire pipe replacement. If tree roots are clogging the pipes, hydro jetting might be recommended, but if a small clog is evident, snaking the drain may be enough. Whether a repair is needed or your pipes are already functioning in top condition, pipe inspection is one of the smartest preventative measures a property owner can take.

Unlike so many things in life, keeping your pipes healthy is easy with the help of a great plumbing company and a pipe inspection. Best of all, if a repair is performed, the technician can show you the before and after views, giving you peace of mind that a costly plumbing emergency isn’t right around the corner.

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