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Sewer Repair Smyrna, GA

Sewer Repair Smyrna

Have you noticed any strange noises coming from your toilets? Are you experiencing a lacking of water in your toilets? Are your tubs slow in draining, or not draining at all? These issues may be related a sewer repair in your Smyrna, GA home. Located close to you, the team here at The Pipe Medic makes sewer repair easy.

Why do I need sewer repair services?

Sewer pipes experience cracks and bursts just like any other pipe. Lacking or poor maintenance is the leading cause. Not many homeowners think about maintaining the health of their pipes. Pipes experience buildup. Hair, sludge, oil, and debris are the leading causes. If you live in an area with mature trees, their roots can pierce the pipes, especially if they’re already weakened due to ground freezing and thawing. Perform regular inspections on your pipes to alert you of clogs and potential problems. Some issues can be a result of earthquake or construction. Most pipes are installed with the home, meaning the pipes can be made of cast iron, which can corrode and rust. A similar issue can arise with clay pipes. These type of pipes become brittle, causing cracks when improperly installed. While PVC pipes are more modern, and slightly more resistant to damage, they can still succumb to excessive water temperatures when given a recommended temperature that they can endure. Smyrna Sewer Repair

How can I know when my pipes need to be repaired?

Especially with sewer lines, you can usually pinpoint the necessity by foul smells and the presence of wastewater in toilets or tubs. Smells can also come from your basement, yard, and other sections of your property. Low water in your toilet can also be a sign of necessary sewer repairs.

Who can I trust with my sewer repairs in Smyrna, GA?

Your home is safe with the professionals in our company. We can provide sewer repair solutions such as pipe relining and preventive maintenance. These solutions can save you thousands of dollars when combined with trenchless solutions. Trenchless solutions don’t use thick trenches in your yard and city roads, providing an easier fix for plumbing issues.

Pipe relining is the use of a hard resin to coat the inside of damaged or burst pipes. It creates a strong pipe within a pipe, ensuring your pipes work smoothly.

Lastly, we also provide preventative maintenance, making sure to keep up with your pipes. This alerts us to damages, clogs, or any other issues before they become an emergency.

Why Work with The Pipe Medic?

Here at The Pipe Medic, we believe in creating the best solution for your problems. Founded in 1970, we’re equipped with experience. Providing great service is our first step. We are known for our great, complimentary customer service; we’re intent on making this process as simple and painless as possible.

When you schedule an appointment, we keep it. We promise. When dealing with cost of services, we’re intent on providing flat-rate numbers upfront so there are less headaches later. Concerned with cleaning? Don’t worry about calling the cleaning company. We’re courteous and bring our own feet mats to wipe off with, and continuously wear feet covers to protect your home. Don’t hesitate. Call us today for your convenient sewer repair!

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