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Sewer Pipe Repair in Sandy Springs, GA

Sewer Pipe Repair Sandy Springs Georgia

Pipe Repair Sandy Springs

At The Pipe Medic, we service the town of Sandy Springs, Georgia with top-of-the-line sewer and drain repair services. Whether your home is four or forty years old, your pipelines are never exempt from experiencing pipe problems. Luckily, our team is at The Pipe Medic is made up industry professionals who will provide you with long-lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly drain cleaning services. With a variety of services, great reviews, and high customer satisfaction, our team will provide you with a variety of viable sewer and drain pipe services you can count on.

Sandy Springs Sewer Pipe Repair

The Pipe Medic offers trenchless pipe lining. Before a repair or replacement service is conducted, we will perform a sewer camera inspection to check the state of your Sandy Springs pipe systems. This assists us in finding the source of the problem and resolving it quickly, easily, and efficiently. No matter what we find during out sewer camera inspection, we will provide you with a lasting pipe repair solution you are satisfied with.

We use cured in place piping in order to repair your pipes without digging harmful trenches across your property. We use a unique epoxy blend to conduct this cured in place piping. A felt liner saturated with epoxy is inserted into your damaged pipe. Once we’re sure it’s positioned correctly, the felt liner is pushed through your pipe, pressing the epoxy against the walls of your pipe. This ensures the epoxy smooths across the entirety of the pipe and sticks correctly, providing a leak-proof substance for your pipes to rely on. The epoxy is left to harden in place, which is why trenchless pipe lining can also be referred to as cured-in-place pipe lining. When the epoxy is completely cured, we will remove the felt liner and inspect the pipe one more time. The pipe lining process allows for a brand-new pipe to be created inside of your new one with little effort and no collateral damage.

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