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Drain Cleaning Macon, GA

Drain Cleaning Macon GA

At The Pipe Medic, our professional Macon plumbing team uses state-of-the-art technology to get your residential or commercial pipes flowing smoothly again. Our experienced technicians will inspect your drains, identify any potential problems and perform viable drain cleaning services. Drain backups can be caused by several different things, and if left untreated, those drain clogs could severely damage your plumbing system. Some of the most common causes of drain clogs and blockages include soap or hair debris, tree root invasion, oil or grease buildup, and foreign objects lodged within your pipes. Attempting to clear blocked drains on your own may worsen the problem. In order to properly clear your Macon pipes, call the professionals at The Pipe Medic.

Drain Cleaning Macon GA

Professional Drain Cleaning in Macon, GA

Macon drain cleaning shouldn’t be reserved for when you have a plumbing problem. Preventative maintenance can be performed on your pipes to help detect and prevent major drain and pipe problems. A professional plumbing team can warn you of any potential problems before they become major issues. Our team of professionals only use effective, environmentally friendly methods to clean your drains.

The Drain Cleaning Process

Before we suggest plumbing services you may not need, our experienced technicians take the time to perform a thorough camera inspection. By using a waterproof, high-definition camera, to inspect your drains for imperfections, our staff gets a real-time look at all cracks, clogs, blockages, and breaks within your pipe system. Once we’ve completed the video drain inspection, our team explains any issues, answering any and all of your questions, and then provides the best drain cleaning for your Macon pipes. There are two methods of cleaning your drains:

  • Auger snake: If a clog or drain blockage is near the entrance of the drain, a “plumbing snake” can be used to retrieve the substance. The auger can be pushed through the pipes to grab large pieces of debris or retrieve items accidentally dropped down the drain, like jewelry.
  • Hydro Jetting: The most efficient and popular way to clean your Macon pipes is with hydro jetting services. This effective cleaning method harnesses the power of extreme water pressure. This cleaning method removes tree roots, clogs, and buildup by forcing high-pressure water through the pipes at roughly 4000 PSI. The water jets break up buildup, debris, and invasive tree roots, clearing the pipes of years of residue. Hydro jetting is safe to use on your pipes each year.

Improve Your Pipe Health by Calling The Pipe Medic Today

At The Pipe Medic, we recognize drain clogs don’t just happen in the kitchen sink. Drain problems can occur on the interior or exterior of your home. Our team is skilled in drain inspection and cleaning when it comes to cleaning bathtub, shower, sink, kitchen, floor, sewer, and toilet drains.

When you contact our team, you can expect a friendly technician to arrive at your home on time. Quality work will be performed only after we have explained all issues and possible solutions to you. Our certified technicians are your service providers when you’re in need of professional Macon drain cleaning. Our team will inspect your pipes to recommend a solution that best meets your needs.

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