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Sewer Repair in Columbus, GA

Sewer Repair Columbus

Sewer Repair in Columbus, GA

The Pipe Medic provides sewer repair services in Georgia. Our sewer repair service can resolve several sewer pipe problems. Some of these are listed below:

  • Pipes that have been broken or damaged due to freezing or soil erosion.
  • Pipes that have blockage problems due to buildup of scum, grease, hair, or other particles flushed down the drains.
  • Pipes that have been corroded due to its age and poor maintenance.
  • Pipes with leaking joints.
  • Pipes that may have been broken because of tree roots.
  • Pipes that have been poorly installed or are made up of poor quality materials.

There are at least two general ways to conduct sewer repairs in any type of property, whether it is residential, municipal, industrial, or commercial. The first method that was first introduced was the traditional way that requires excavation in most cases. The second method is the modern trenchless technology that requires minimum to no digging.

Costs for sewer repair vary and will depend on the damages. The methods for each type of repair are also different. For the traditional method, technicians will need tools and equipment like a jackhammer, a backhoe and experienced men to operate them. There is only one way of doing the project using this method and that is to dig and repair or replace. The trenchless sewer repair option, on the other hand, does not require much heavy equipment. Using the trenchless technology method of sewer repair does not require a lot of manpower. The work can be done by 2-3 technicians. Compared to the traditional method, this modern way of repair offers at least three options, which we offer at The Pipe Medic.

Columbus Sewer Repair

Cured In Place Pipe Repair

The cured in place pipe repair method is an economical way of repairing our customers’ sewer lines. This is because we no longer have to cause property damages due to extreme digging just to expose the old pipes for repair.

This trenchless sewer repair method is made possible by the use of an epoxy-based sewer liner inserted into the pipes. The tube filled with epoxy substance is inserted into the pipes and the lining begins. The lining process resolves cracks in the pipes, fills gaps in damaged parts of the pipes, thus, allowing the drains to work better than they were at first.

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