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Sewer Camera Inspection Columbus, GA

Sewer Camera Inspection Columbus

Sewer Camera Inspection Columbus, GA

No matter where you live in Columbus, GA , if you’ve got a problem with your pipes The Pipe Medic is ready to help.

Signs of Plumbing Issues

Sometimes, plumbing and sewer issues are obvious, causing you problems such as flooding or backed up drains. Other times, the signs are harder to spot. Unexplained water pooling in your yard or around showers or tubs, or mold growing in unexpected areas. Foul smells coming up from drains, gurgling or bubbling sounds, slow drainage, and cracks in your foundation or pavement can also hint at a deeper issue. If you notice these or have any concerns about the pipes in your home, call us right away. We will send an experienced team member out as soon as possible, any time of day or night, to help you identify and fix the problem.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Often, we see property owners putting off a call for help as they are afraid that identifying the problem in their sewer will involve extensive excavation. We are able to quickly find the source of your problem quickly without having to dig up your yard. We feed a camera into your sewage system, allowing us to examine the inside of your pipes in real time. Once we figure out what’s causing the problem, we’ll be able to recommend the most efficient fix, getting your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Columbus Sewer Camera Inspection

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Fixing your sewer shouldn’t involve the added expense of tearing up your yard, driveway, or carport just to get to the damaged pipe. At The Pipe Medic, we can use our trenchless pipe repair technology to fix your pipes from the inside out. We simply dig two small holes, an entry and an exit, and coat the inside of your pipe using a special polymer resin. When it hardens, this resin is stronger than PVC - essentially, we create a new pipe inside the old one. The resin dries to a thickness of about a quarter of an inch, which will not affect the functionality of your pipes at all. With this method, we’ll be able to get your plumbing system back in order in no time.

For fast, reliable service from professionals who will put you first, call The Pipe Medic today. We offer 247 emergency service, and we charge the same rate no matter when you call.

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