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Drain Cleaning in Columbus, GA

Drain Cleaning Columbus

Drain Cleaning in Columbus, GA

You might feel that regular drain cleaning isn’t really necessary. If you have a repair-only-when-broken approach towards home maintenance, you will surely have to deal a plumbing disaster in the near future. To avoid this, we always recommend regular drain cleaning to keep your drain in good working condition.

At The Pipe Medic, we offer to solve all kinds of drain problems for the residents of Columbus, GA. Our plumbers use the most efficient plumbing methods to make sure you are always satisfied with our services.

Why do I need Professional Drain Cleaning?

Compared with store-bought drain cleaners, professional drain cleaning offers the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Professional Regular drain cleaners don’t do a perfect job. Even the most expensive drain cleaners only do a superficial job. Professional Drain Cleaning clears your sewer pipes of all the debris and grease clinging to your drain pipes. When high water pressure is applied to the drain pipes, no debris, grease, fat or any other particle survives in your drain pipes.
  • Safe Method: If you are using store-bought drain cleaners, you should know that they are slowly destroying the lining of your sewer pipes. You might end up with a corroding sewer pipe five or ten years later. Professional drain cleaners use just water to clear up the blockage.
  • Lasts Longer: A professional drain cleaning lasts longer than your do-it-yourself drain cleaning. You might have to keep using the drain cleaners every other week to keep the drains working. A professional drain cleaning, however, will keep your drains clean for months.
  • Environmental Friendly: The harsh chemicals inside regular drain cleaners do not just affect your drain pipes, but also the water body where they end up. They contaminate the water and might even affect marine life in the area.

Columbus Drain Cleaning

When to schedule Professional Drain Cleaning?

To all our customers in Georgia, we recommend drain cleaning whenever they observe the following symptoms of an impending drain disaster:

  • Blocked Pipes: Sewer Pipes usually get blocked due to root intrusions, debris and grease in the pipes, low water pressure, and improper installation.
  • Funky smelling drains: Often food clings to your drain pipes, and after a few days, it starts to rot. This nasty smell coming from your drains is food rotting inside your sewer pipes.
  • Slow Water Flow: Changes in water pressure due to changing environmental conditions slow down the water flow in your drain pipes.
  • Seepage near the drain pipes: This is an indication that your drain pipes aren’t working properly and need a maintenance check.

Even if you don’t notice these signs, we advise our customers to book a professional drain cleaning service annually. This way you can keep your drains in great working condition.

If you have noticed any of the signs of a drain problem, call The Pipe Medic to schedule a drain cleaning session. Homeowners and businesses in Georgia trust us because of our professional and guaranteed services.

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