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Sewer Pipe Repair in Augusta, GA

Sewer Pipe Repair Augusta

Sewer Pipe Repair in Augusta, GA

In the past, entire systems would be removed and then replaced in a long and expensive process that would leave the owner with a damaged yard and no use of the sewage facilities while this process occurs. Luckily, there is a better option, and at The Pipe Medic, we are proud to offer these services to our customers in Augusta.

Sewer Repairs With The Pipe Medic

Sewer pipe repairs at The Pipe Medic can be deployed to repair a number of different types of pipeline materials, including:

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes
  • Orangeburg pipes
  • Clay pipes
  • Cast iron pipes
  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipes
  • Copper pipes

All of these pipeline materials vary in durability and longevity, and the sewer pipe repairs with The Pipe Medic experts are designed to easily fix all of these pipeline materials by installing an eco-friendly, flexible material directly inside of these pipes. Our technicians will always start with a sewer camera inspection to determine what the exact problem is so they can better fix it. Through this inspection, we can offer a personalized solution for the problem at hand and determine the location of clogs, corrosion, and other problems.

Trenchless pipe lining is typically the best solution since it is non-invasive and versatile enough for even the most confined spaces. This process includes an inflatable liner that is saturated with a specially created formula called epoxy resin. Once assembled, the liner is inserted into your pipe and then inflated to fit perfectly. After the resin cures for a few hours, the liner is deflated and removed, revealing the new and stronger pipe.

Augusta Sewer Pipe Repair

The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Repairs With Trenchless Technology At The Pipe Medic

The epoxy resin is a unique combination of materials, and these qualities enhance the pipeline system and increase the lifespan of the liner itself by at least 50 years or more. It is a much better option for the environment than traditional methods since it is building upon the existing pipe without needing the former system to be removed. Because we save time from needing to excavate large swaths of property and land, trenchless pipe lining can typically be completed in just one day and normally does not require the water to be shut off. Best of all, it is a no-dig system that will not require any trenches to be dug on your property or demolition in your home. This is a far cry from the traditional processes that required extensive digging and demolition in order to even expose the pipe, let alone allow the experts to repair the pipe.

Reach Out To The Pipe Medic Today!

If you need any type of sewer pipe repairs to be conducted in the Augusta area, The Pipe Medic is the best company for the job. We are highly specialized in trenchless pipe lining, drain inspection, and drain cleaning, making us the industry leaders in all types of trenchless pipe rehabilitation services and solutions. Choose The Pipe Medic today for excellent work and friendly customer service that won’t disappoint.

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