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Sewer Inspection Athens, GA

Sewer Inspection Athens

Sewer Inspection Athens, GA

An Athens GA sewer inspection is a practice that is necessary in order to diagnose any existing sewer line faults and establish the condition of a sewer system. Before any reputable professional will begin any form of work on your sewer line, an inspection is first required. Without a camera-based inspection it is very difficult if not impossible to accurately determine the nature and scope of any sewer problem. Inspections carried out as a preventative measure are recommended, as waiting for a problem to occur can often be a costly mistake.

How Does Sewer Inspection Work?

Specialized, small, waterproof cameras attached to flexible cabling and then fed into the pipes making up your sewer line. These cameras then allow the technician to quickly and effectively determine what the state of your sewer line is, and what exactly needs to be repaired or replaced. Due to the narrow space available in certain pipes, a second entry point and a second camera is used at times to cover the entire area of your sewer line. After the sewer inspection is completed, an accurate recommendation can be made for the specific type of repair that can fix your sewer problem in as short of a time period as possible.

Athens Sewer Inspection

When to Order an Inspection

Sewer line problems are often overlooked until they worsen and become more complex and difficult to fix. You should order an Athens GA sewer inspection as soon as you first become aware of the possibility of a problem. Common warning signs are poor drainage or drains that are starting to slow or back up. These signs should not be ignored, the cost of replacing the few areas that are worn or damaged is far lower than having to replace the entire sewer system. The sooner that you catch the problem and deal with it the better. To assess the condition of your sewer line or for any further information contact The Pipe Medic at 770-733-3522.

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