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Sewer Camera Inspection Athens, GA

Sewer Camera Inspection Athens

Sewer Camera Inspections Athens, GA

Sewer camera inspections are an essential part of The Pipe Medic’s array of trenchless sewer pipe repair methods. A small, robotic camera provides a way of diagnosing the cause of your Athens, Georgia structure’s unpleasant sewer line symptoms without having to dig through landscaping to unearth the pipe. No carefully tended landscapes are ruined, and no digging is required.

Instead, the pipeline can be inspected from above ground, using the sewer inspection camera. This camera is a compact device that can be guided from the surface as it moves through the entire inside of the system. An attached optic cable sends video feedback to the operating technician. The video can be recorded, allowing the technician to play back the results for the owner, while the most time efficient and cost effective solutions are discussed.

The video feedback may identify a buildup of scaling, which is a natural depositing of minerals from the water onto the interior pipeline wall. This process accumulates slowly, over time. Scaling produces a roughened surface which allows debris and other materials to snag and begin to form a blockage.

Hydro jetting Treatment

Scaling and blockages are usually treated with hydro jetting. This process uses highly pressurized water ejected from a specialized nozzle to scrub smooth the interior diameter of the pipeline. The force of the water is also strong enough to break apart any clogs that were observed with the camera. Even tree root balls that can form inside the pipeline after a small root finds its way through a tiny crack are easily burst apart and rinsed away.

Once the hydro jetting has been completed, the sewer camera is reintroduced into the pipeline to confirm that the hydro jetting process resulted in the desired clean and smooth interior pipe wall and to check for any cracks that were previously camouflaged by debris.

Athens Sewer Camera Inspection

Cured In Place Pipe Lining Treatment

When a crack is discovered in the pipeline, a procedure called cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining can be performed. A CIPP lining repair requires the pipeline to be hydro-jetted smooth first. The smooth interior wall is required for the repair material to adhere properly. Following the pipe wall cleaning, a tube layered with an epoxy resin is inserted into the pipeline and set to cover the crack. The tube is then inflated, pushing the resin against the pipe wall and holding it firmly in place while approximately an hour of heated hardening transpires. Once the curing process has completed, the tube is deflated and removed. What is left behind is a new, durable interior pipeline wall.

Scheduled Maintenance Sewer Camera Inspections

The Pipe Medic recommends that all Athens buildings be placed on a maintenance inspection schedule. This allows us to check your pipeline with a sewer camera inspection before the scaling gets to a level that causes snags to occur. We prefer to prevent a blockage problem and prevent you from suffering the symptoms that a blockage can cause.

The Pipe Medic is in your Athens, Georgia area. Our staff is friendly, prompt, and dedicated to helping you with any sewer pipeline concerns. Contact us here to schedule a consultation.

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