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How Georgia Winters Affect Your Plumbing

Winter can severely affect your pipes and plumbing system. They can make your pipes freeze, burst, and have issues including clogging and leaking. Many home and business owners forget just how much the changing season can impact your plumbing. Consequently, it is important to keep your plumbing system in mind when preparing for colder weather.

Plumbing can be affected in a variety of ways. The best way to keep your pipes safe is by insulating them. The pressure of the air and the exposure to the cold can be the worst thing for your pipes. This pressure and temperature change can cause your pipes to freeze, including the water inside them. Moreover, when this water and the pipes thaw, they can “burst”. This is when the water releases and reheats so quickly that they can fracture the most compromised section of pipe.

Plumbing can also become clogged or dysfunctional due to winter weather. Frozen plumbing can be prevented, however, by properly insulating your pipes or by performing a pipe inspection prior to colder temperatures. Running your water in very small amounts can also prevent frozen pipes. However, this solution should not be relied on as your utility bill will dramatically increase.

Pipes can easily be kept safe and maintained during winter months with insulation, constant flow, and consistent temperature. It is recommended that you keep the temperature inside your property as constant as possible. We typically recommend to our customers that they keep the temperature of their property above 60 degrees fahrenheit and to limit the temperature changes at night as much as possible.

If you’re still experiencing problems with your pipes, never hesitate to call your local, professional, and courteous Georgia plumbing experts, The Pipe Medic. With years of experience with the Georgia weather and plumbing, we can easily help you prepare for winter. Our inspection services will allow us to see any areas that may be compromised during the winter or sections of pipe that may need attention.

Call The Pipe Medic for winter preparation tips at (772) 628-5451 today.

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