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Finding Frozen Pipes: What You Should Be on the Watch For

Winter can be pretty troublesome. It can cover your driveway in feet of snow, drive up your heating bill, and worst of all freeze your pipes, which can ultimately break them, potentially costing you hundreds.  As we head into the coldest time of the year, be on the watch for the signs of freezing pipes.

Weird Noises

If a pipe is frozen, water wont be able to escape to the sewer line. Consequently, you may hear a bubbling noise. If the pipe is dented or damaged after being frozen, part of it may be too small for the water to pass through, which can make it whistle. Loose pipes might also bump into each other, which can cause a clanking sound.

Plumbing Problems

Frozen pipes are going to cause problems. Your water might be discolored or smell funny. Your drains might be constantly clogged and your toilet might flush slowly, too. Though frozen, broken pipes arent the only things that can cause these problems, they shouldnt be ruled out, either. No matter what, have a plumber come in and take a look before things get worse.

No Water Comes Out of the Faucet

The most obvious sign that you have a frozen pipe is the lack of water that might come when you try to turn on a faucet. If you turn a sink on and only a slight trickle or no water at all comes out, the water pipe leading to the faucet could be frozen.

If your pipes do freeze and break, contact a trenchless pipe repair service. Trenchless methods of repair have been around for about 15 years, but too few homeowners are actually aware of the option. Its cleaner, safer, and typically saves homeowners about 40% of the cost of traditional sewer replacement. Plus, it doesnt dig up your lawn like traditional pipe repair methods, something 73% consumers say they' pay more for.

If you have any questions about frozen pipes or trenchless pipe repairs, feel free to share in the comments.

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