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5 Reasons You Should Use Trenchless Sewer Pipe Line Repairing

If your sewer has a problem, you will be faced with many options to fix the problem. But the wisest decision you will ever make is going for what technology has to offer. The trenchless sewer pipe line repairing is the latest and the most convenient way of fixing your sewer problems. Here is a look at the top 5 reasons why home owners should consider a trenchless sewer pipe line repairing.

1. Less invasive

As compared to the traditional methods, this one is less invasive. There is no need of digging up the entire yard to replace long pieces of a drainage system. Most professionals only need to have two access points along the sewer pipe line, one at each end. Some companies only need one. These access points are created by digging a small part of the yard or floor, which is much more preferable to digging up the entire yard or floor. What this means is that the line fixing can be carried out without ripping up the ground, risking damage to the property and the underlying utility lines or destroying the landscaping.

2. Similar pipe strength

Trenchless pipe lining essentially creates a new one inside of the original one. The new pipes laid down are made up of special materials—epoxy. This makes new pipelines stronger and durable. This is partly due to the strength of the epoxy used, and partly due to the fact that it is placed inside of the piping that already exists, so the remaining material helps to give double the protection. This means you will not have to deal with this same problem for a long time.

3. Budget friendly

Trenchless sewer pipe line repairing is the same thing as having an entire new one installed, but without digging up the yard and having to actually replace the old one. The method involves only limited amount of digging to be done and so requires lesser manual labor than the conventional system.

The epoxy that is used is often cheaper than copper, meaning that it will cost companies and consumers less money. Besides, such work is not affected by weather and you are also spared the cost of fixing cracks in your concrete yard, clearing trees, etc. So if you are working within a budget then consider this method of repairing your sewer.

4. Easy flow

The materials normally used in trenchless sewer pipe line replacement are smoother than the metal used to make the pipe lines. You can imagine pouring a bucket of water down bumpy walls. It is obvious that something will get stuck or the water will not flow well. However, the new method provides smooth walls to ease water flow and avoid any threat of clogging.

5. Eco-friendly technology

If you are conscious about your environment, then you should consider the trenchless sewer pipe line repairing. Since there will be less digging, there will be no trees that will have to be uprooted. When there is minimum destroyed vegetation and reduced mess on the property, there will be no environmental damage.

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