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Commercial Drain Inspection

Whether you own a restaurant, office building, or retail center, commercial drains get clogged over time. This can lead to serious problems for your business. Foul smells create an unprofessional impression in your customers, floods can cause devastating damage, and clogged sinks can create a logistical nightmare for your employees.

Don’t let clogged drains hurt your bottom line. If you live in the Southeast or the surrounding areas, call The Pipe Medic to learn more about our commercial drain cleaning services.

The owners and employees at The Pipe Medic are proud to be local to the Atlanta area. We believe that when you live and work in the same area, you have a vested interest in helping build up other companies in your community. This spirit of family and cooperation is behind everything we do.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

Over time, food, grease, hair, dust, scale, and other debris can build up inside pipes, leading to stubborn clogs which can be difficult to treat. Many business owners turn to storebought liquid drain cleaners, but the caustic chemicals in these cleaners can erode pipes, leading to extensive and costly repairs later down the road. In addition, the harsh fumes can pose a threat to employees and customers. Instead, choose the professional drain cleaning services of The Pipe Medic


When we arrive at your business, we will use our specialized cameras to quickly and easily identify the source of the clog. We can then remove even the most stubborn blockage with hydro-jetting, a powerful blast of water which scours the inside of the pipe as it destroys the clog.

Don’t waste your time and money on services or products that can’t deliver. Call The Pipe Medic to learn more about our commercial drain cleaning and to set up an appointment with a qualified technician today.


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