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What We Check During a Pipe Inspection

sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA

The team at The Pipe Medic has extensive experience with providing sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA, and we’re frequently asked by clients what we’re looking for when we carry out our work. Our team uses a combination of professional knowledge and modern technology to diagnose plumbing issues by examining the following potential problem indicators.

Location and Condition

If we’re not certain of the pipe’s direction, depth and length, a sewer video inspection in Atlanta, GA can help us determine that information. A camera inspection will also provide clues to the age of the pipe based upon its materials of construction and general condition.

Pipe Obstructions

Blockages caused by soil, tree roots, grease or other objects are easily revealed during a camera inspection. In addition to providing a close-up look at the obstruction, the camera equipment will also record its exact location. This allows us to plan how to deal with these obstructions so they won’t damage your sewer line further.

Structural Integrity

Over time, pipes can crack, separate or collapse due to a number of factors. Hiring us to conduct a pipe camera inspection in Atlanta, GA allows the property owner to discover if any damage has occurred so that corrective steps can be taken to address the problem and prevent future recurrences.

Settling and Gradient

A detailed plumbing inspection in Atlanta, GA will permit our team to see if sections of the pipe have settled to the point that gravity flow is being interrupted. These areas usually appear as depressions or low spots where excessive accumulation of solid particles has occurred.

If your property has been experiencing frequent sewer back-ups, schedule an appointment with The Pipe Medic today. Our professional team will perform a thorough drain inspection in Atlanta, GA and provide you with a detailed report on the exact condition of your pipes.

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