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Video Inspection Atlanta

Video Inspection Atlanta

Video Inspection

When it comes to sewer repair and pipeline fixes, our team at The Pipe Medic ensure we have all the information about the problem before attempting to solve it. Sewer system damage can be due to blockages, corrosion, leaks and obstruction. There could be several spots in your system that require immediate attention or just one part that is causing the whole system to fail. Whatever the reasons and locations of damage are, The Pipe Medic team can identify and pinpoint it through the use of advanced sewer camera inspections.

Sewer camera inspections and efficient and accurate

To make sure you don’t end up wasting time and money on a procedure that is less than accurate, The Pipe Medic makes sure to perform a video inspection of your pipes before beginning any kind of repair work.

By inserting a camera through a small access point in your sewer system, our expert technicians can identify the exact source of the problem and the location where it exists. Our assessment and repair solutions are thus more accurate because we have all the information and recorded visuals required for our procedures.

Our cameras come in various sizes and are flexible enough to travel through any bends are curves existing within your sewer system. From pipe sizes of 2 inches all the way up until 96 inches, we can handle them all. Having all the information about the sewer system and its condition helps us perform much more accurately and efficiently. There is no time wasted in guessing what the fault could be and where exactly is it occurring. Neither are large trenches required to be dug up in your property. Our highly technological cameras are the only thing we require to get all this information almost instantly.

Video footage saves time and money on repair work

The Pipe Medic’s special cameras produce high resolution, full-color videos that allow our technicians to spot major and minor damage both. We can even spot potential issues within your pipes that may cause you problems in the long run. Our analysis reports are completely non-invasive and you will not need to spend any money on restoring your property once we are done with our assessment. Neither will you end up wasting money on a procedure that was not required or doesn’t serve the exact purpose. These sophisticated cameras have the ability to go very deep underground through any kind of foundation and can provide us with the exact information we are looking for.

Our highly trained technicians have the right skills and equipment required to perform sewer video camera inspections for all kinds of problems your pipes may be facing. With technology and the nature of repair work advancing so quickly, there are several kind of solutions we can offer to fix your drains. However, not every solution can work best for your specific problem, which is why having a video inspection performed is the most practical first step you can take in having your drains fixed.

Atlanta Video Inspection

When it comes to any type of sewer pipe repair, your best defense is to be armed with accurate information. When you have accurate information this saves your time and money as you are not having to guess where and what the problem is. This is why The Pipe Medic is heavily invested in sewer cameras video inspections. Our cameras travel inside the pipe and are able to record and identify the exact source of the problem. We offer the best pipe diagnosis in the state of Georgia.

Different sized pipes require different sized cameras. For instance, a residential “push camera” that you would use for 3 or 4 inch pipe you could not use for a 12 inch pipe. The 12 inch pipe would require a different camera, one that is commonly referred to as a “crawler camera”. These cameras are very expensive, some of the are in excess of $100,000.

We offer sewer camera inspections Atlanta residents can rely on, from pipe sizes 2 inches all the way up to 96. So call us if you need the most thorough and comprehensive sewer video inspection Atlanta has to offer. All of our inspection reports are uploaded to YouTube or can be sent to you via a USB drive.

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