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Trenchless Pipe Repair Atlanta

Trenchless Pipe Lining Atlanta

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Having a broken or leaking pipeline can cause a tremendous amount of stress on you as a homeowner. Dealing with the water shut off, water damage, flooded areas, and even hazardous waste can easily overwhelm you. The repairs themselves could take days, if not weeks, at a time. Thankfully, The Pipe Medic offers repair services that are trenchless. Not only do we avoid excessive digging, but we only need a short amount of time to complete the job.

How The Trenchless Water Pipeline Repair Process Works

At The Pipe Medic, our trenchless services require less machinery, less time, and less cost than the traditional method. Instead of digging up portions of landscaping, all that is needed is a small access point to the pipeline to conduct our video camera inspection, leak detection services, and subsequent repairs. This is done with a waterproof camera attached to a flexible cord and sent through the pipes.

The inserted into the pipe and plays the live feedback to the technician, who is able to identify the problem with the aid of the video. It can help them find the type of problem, such as a crack, clog, or burst, and the exact location of it. It also helps our experts determine the condition of the pipe and what repairs can be done safely in the system. After the inspection, a cleaning service is performed with hydro jetting. This cleaning system can blast away the formed or forming clogs and old debris that could be restricting your water flow. It also gives the epoxy that is used for repair a smooth surface to adhere to.


The use of the epoxy is called cured-in-place pipe lining. A tube is inserted into the desired pipe, and it is coated with the epoxy resin. Once positioned correctly, the tube is inflated. This forces the epoxy up against the walls of the pipe, pressing it so that it keeps to the shape of the original pipe. The pressure of the inflated tube also helps the resin fill in and cover any cracks or potential leaks. Then over the period of 24 hours, the epoxy hardens and turns into the new pipe. Because it becomes a new pipe within the old, there is no need to remove the original.

Atlanta Trenchless Pipe Repair

If CIPP lining isn’t a good option for your pipe because of its condition, our team at The Pipe Medic also offers pipe bursting. This is the complete shattering of the old pipe, while simultaneously replacing it with a new one. This is done with two access points, one on each end of the desired pipe. The new pipe is fitted with a specialized bursting head that has a particular shape and size, enabling it to force the old pipe to split open. While the bursting head is being pulled through through a hydraulic system, the new pipe is pulled through as well. Once the old pipe is completely broken, the new pipe is attached to the original pipe system.

Both systems require less time than the traditional method of digging up a house’s foundation or yard. There’s little to no leftover cosmetics damage that you need to handle after the repair. Once the job is done, you can go back to your daily life.

Call The Pipe Medic For Trenchless Pipeline Solutions In Georgia Today

At The Pipe Medic, we are prepared to fix pipelines in apartments, houses, business buildings and factories. If you require fast water pipe and drain line repairs, call The Pipe Medic to learn more about how we can assist you today.

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