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Sewer Repair Methods and Costs

When your sewer pipes need repair, there are a couple of options available for you to choose from. Each method has its own benefits and disadvantages for you to consider, and there is also the cost of the service itself to think about.

What You Should Know About the Total Cost of Sewer Repairs

While you are comparing prices for sewer pipe repairs, you may look at the cost of excavation and the actual repair work itself. It’s possible that you will have to pay for new pipes to be installed, which can add to your final cost. But have you thought about the additional costs that go along with the traditional method of repairing sewer pipes?

During the repair and installation process, you will need to find somewhere else for you and your family to stay. The company that you hire may need to do some extensive renovations to your home such as replacing the drywall or flooring to successfully fix your problem. The electricity will also need to be shut off during the repair, which means you won’t be able to use any of your appliances (and don’t forget about all of that food in the fridge!).

When you consider all these factors for the traditional method of sewer line repairs, you are looking at thousands of dollars as well as the additional costs that could be avoided if you choose the modern option of trenchless sewer line replacement.

The Pipe Medic Wants to Help You Save Time and Money with your Sewer Repairs

At The Pipe Medic, we want to keep our customer’s best interests in mind when recommending our sewer repair services. That is why we offer what we consider a better approach to rehabilitating your pipe system.  

Trenchless Pipe Lining not only costs less than traditional sewer repair methods, but it also eliminates the need for you to renovate your home, stay at a hotel, pay for dining out each day, or hire a landscaping company to fix the damage to your lawn.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Starts with Putting Your Needs First

The Pipe Medic will never try to sell you plumbing repair options that you don’t need. We understand how expensive it can be to repair your sewer system, and we know that no homeowner is happy about paying out thousands of dollars for this type of service. But since it is a necessity, our company strives to help the residents of Atlanta make the most economical decision for their sewer line repair.

Trenchless pipe repair has been available in the state of Georgia for around eight years. At first, it wasn’t very popular since many homeowners didn’t understand the benefits of this repair method. But today, customers are calling our office and asking for this service by name.

Enjoy the Benefits of Fast and Effective Sewer Repairs When You Contact Us Today

With trenchless repair, your sewer pipes will be fixed in less than 24 hours. That is a huge difference from the traditional method which often took a week or longer to complete. Another great benefit is that trenchless pipe repair costs less and it comes with a lifetime warranty, making it the obvious choice for many homeowners in the Atlanta area.

Get in touch with us today at The Pipe Medic to learn more about trenchless pipe repair and the many other modern plumbing services that we have to offer. We provide our customers with free consultations and are available to assist you Monday through Saturday.

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