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Get Your Roof Drain Lining Checked Before the Buckhead Summer Storms Hit

Studies have shown that a roof that is not regularly maintained will only last about half of its expected service life. We suggest you have your roof inspected at least twice a year. Or at least you should usually have it inspected once a year in the summer.

However, in Buckhead, summer storms are not the usual mild rains we often see in other areas. Summer storms can crash down with force, leaving flooding and electrical damage to many areas. Pouring rain can be extremely heavy, and the last thing anyone wants to find out in the midst of a storm is their roof drains are clogged.

Why It’s Important To Get Roof Drains Checked Often

The reason for inspecting before summer storms hit is the same for both the drain system and the roof: determining if there are any issues and allow time for repair well ahead of the summer storm season. It’s also the best possible time to clean out downspouts and gutters of leaves and other debris to prevent buildup. That way when storms do hit, you will know that you are prepared, and your house can handle the downpour.

Another reason for getting your roof drains cleaned before the storms come is due to technician availability. If there is a massive storm system and you haven’t had your gutters or roofing pipes cleaned, you may be on a long list of others calling in for emergency clearings. It is best to stay ahead of the game and get it done in advance.

Call The Pipe Medic To Get Your Roof Drain Lines Inspected Today

At The Pipe Medic, our professional team will be able to easily clear out your roof drain lining in no time. Our process is simple, fast and cost efficient so your wallet will thank you. Contact us to get an estimate and be ahead of the summer storms today.

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