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Video Inspection Macon, GA

Video Inspection Macon

Video Inspection Macon, GA

The symptoms of a pipeline problem are often an easy indication that your pipes are suffering from some debilitating issues, and at The Pipe Medic, in order to determine exactly what the source of the problem is, we employ a video inspection. This process is simple but effective, allowing us to diagnose problems easily and ensure that your needs are met with precision and long-lasting results.

Why Are Video Inspections So Effective?

In the past, technicians relied on a combination of digging and speculation to determine the source of a sewer line problem. Older techniques required the pipes to be completely dug out of the ground before they could be treated, resulting in time being lost and dramatically increased repair costs for the customers. But with the introduction of cutting-edge video inspection technology, this is no longer the case. Video inspections have revolutionized the pipeline industry, making it easy for our technicians to accurately evaluate the condition of the pipeline and pinpoint the precise location of leaks and blockages, giving us a reliable and effective way for determining any type of problem in your pipelines.

How Does a Video Inspection Work?

During the inspection procedure, our technicians use a specialized, waterproof video camera to record real-time footage of the sewer system. The small camera is attached to a flexible rod that allows our experts to remotely – and non-invasively – assess the entire length of the sewer pipeline, including hard-to-reach areas inside walls or under building foundations. This ensures that your entire pipeline is accounted for during our inspection and that any and all problems will be revealed at its conclusion.

Macon Video Inspection

At the end of the pipeline inspection, our experts will review the high-definition footage and use their extensive training to make an informed recommendation about any problem areas and the best course of action to repair them. We have invested in sophisticated technology that allows us to perform accurate video inspections of pipe sizes from 2 inches all the way up to 96 inches in diameter. In addition, our skilled plumbers will explain every step of the process to take all the guesswork so you can be satisfied you are getting the best and most cost-effective solution for your pipes.

Our up-close look inside pipes is the easiest and best way to figure out the exact source of a pipeline difficulty as well as providing excellent preventive maintenance as well. With annual cleanings scheduled, our frequent inspections will allow us to identify minor problems before they can develop into more costly problems later on, saving our customers time and money by ensuring that expensive, time-consuming repairs aren’t necessary.

Schedule a Video Inspection With The Pipe Medic

Our experts at The Pipe Medic have the extensive training to review and interpret the footage from a video inspection accurately and make informed decisions about the best course of action. If you have any type of issue with your pipes, such as slow drains, sewage odors, or backed-up tubs and toilets, contact our team for a video inspection today.

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