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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Macon, GA

Trenchless Sewer Repair Macon

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Macon, GA

If you’re in need of sewer repair in the Macon area, you will be happy to learn about trenchless sewer repairs from The Pipe Medic – an innovative and minimally invasive procedure that can repair cracked and leaking pipes while saving time and money.

When you envision sewer repair, you probably imagine a backhoe tearing up your property over several days of work. While traditional sewer repairs do require excavating the entire length of pipe, modern trenchless technologies have helped thousands of property owners get their lives – and yards – back to normal much sooner, and with less collateral damage. Trenchless repairs give property owners the peace of mind that comes with having a fully functioning sewer system, without having to worry about the hassle and expense of restoring unsightly damage to landscaping and your property.

The primary component to our trenchless repairs that make the process so effective is the liquid epoxy resin that creates a brand-new pipe within the damaged one. Our technician will push a line filled with the epoxy into the old pipe, then inflate it, so that the resin thoroughly coats the inside of the pipe. When it finishes curing, the resin forms a long-lasting new pipe. The most expensive component of traditional plumbing techniques is the long and difficult hours it takes to excavate and then restore a broken pipe. By contrast, it only takes one small access hole for The Pipe Medic’s trenchless experts to complete a trenchless repair project.

Not only do our trenchless repair specialists have to use less labor and equipment, but they can also finish the work without having to tear up lawns, driveways, patios, and foundations. Another advantage is that our experts can typically finish a trenchless repair project within one day, which is a far shorter completion time than traditional repair jobs. All of these benefits make our solutions far more practical and advantageous for our customers, and we are proud to offer innovative services to the residents of Macon and across Atlanta.

Macon Trenchless Sewer Repair

Why Choose Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is one of the best investments a property owner can make – not just for the long-term health of their sewer system, but for the satisfaction that comes with knowing they’re less likely to have to deal with sewer repairs in the future. To give you even further peace of mind, The Pipe Medic offers a warranty on all our trenchless repair work.

With The Pipe Medic, our trenchless sewer pipe repairs will prove to be one of the most cost-effective solutions for resolving sewer line problems and extending the life of your pipes. Property owners who opt to go trenchless will benefit from a new, more durable pipe that resists future damage and has improved water flow, all with minimal digging and disturbance.

If worries about your failing pipes are keeping you up at night, contact our team at The Pipe Medic today for a free estimate and to learn how our highly specialized service can benefit you. We have helped hundreds of satisfied Atlanta property owners with their trenchless pipe repairs. No matter what has gone wrong with your pipes, we have both the skill and experience to fix it.

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