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Trenchless Pipe Repair in Athens, GA

Trenchless Pipe Repair Athens

Trenchless Pipeline Repair

Trenchless pipeline repairs are the state of the art methods used by The Pipe Medic to inspect, clean, repair, or replace clogged, cracked, or broken pipelines throughout Athens, Georgia. These trenchless methods do not require the digging up and removal of old pipelines or pipeline portions. Landscaping is not affected. Large digging machinery and the work force required to run them are not necessary. Trenchless sewer repairs are performed while leaving the old pipeline exactly where it currently exists, underground.

Traditional vs Trenchless Repairs

Prior to the development of the trenchless pipeline repair methods, homeowners feared the landscape destruction involved as large machinery and work crews were needed to locate the original pipe by estimating its underground location and digging until it was found. Locating the pipeline, diagnosing the issue from the outside, removing all or a portion of the pipe, and inserting new pipe, created large costs both in finances and time. Once the pipeline was replaced and reburied, the landscape, driveways, and walkways had to be repaired. During this lengthy process all of the home’s normal routines were entirely disrupted.

Trenchless pipeline repair methods remove all the chaos, expense, and diagnostic guesswork out of the course of action needed to restore your pipeline. Our experienced Pipe Medic technician will solve any of the pipeline’s issues from within the pipeline itself. All of the work is done underneath your carefully tended landscaping.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Trenchless pipeline repair begins with a sewer camera inspection. The Pipe Medic uses a waterproof, robotic camera to examine the interior pipe wall’s condition. The camera can be moved from the building all the way out to the connection with the curbside city main. Our technician will discuss the condition of the pipeline with you and recommend any repairs necessary.

Athens Trenchless Pipe Repair

Hydro Jetting Athens, GA

In many pipe materials, scaling is observed. Scaling is the natural process of minerals depositing out of the flowing water and bonding with the pipeline wall material. Scaling leaves a rough surface that slows water flow and allows snags to occur. We may even find a current snag or blockage during our inspection. A pipeline cleaning, called hydro jetting, is then recommended. This process uses highly pressurized water to scour smooth and clean the inside pipeline wall.

Pipe and Sewer Crack Repair

When a crack is discovered our technician will recommend a pipe lining. Using this process, a sleeve that has been coated with an epoxy resin is inserted into the pipeline. The sleeve is inflated, pressing the resin firmly against the interior pipe wall and allowing the bonding process to occur. When the bonding process has completed, the sleeve is deflated and removed. A durable, smooth interior pipeline wall is left.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Athens

If a full break has occurred, pipe bursting is implemented. A new pipe fitted with a pipe breaking torpedo-like head is pulled through the original pipeline. The old pipe is fragmented and safely pressed into the surrounding soil. At the end of the process, the new pipeline resides exactly where the old pipeline was buried.

The Pipe Medic has an experienced team in your Athens, Georgia area. Our dedicated staff is ready to help you with your pipeline needs. Call us for a consultation.

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