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Drain Cleaning Athens, GA

Drain Cleaning Athens

Drain Cleaning in Athens

One of the best things you can do for your sewer system is have routine cleanings performed. Think about all the waste and debris that is washed down you drains and passes through your pipes on a daily basis. Cooking grease, dirty dishwater, pieces of food, beverages, hair, paper products, and miscellaneous items that might not have intentionally been washed away can all get accidentally pushed into your pipes. Now think of how much build up and damage that can cause over a long period of time. If the buildup that is created is left in the pipes unattended, it can damage your pipes and leave you with a lot more to deal with than just a cleaning.

The Pipe Medic experts are here to assist you in restoring your pipes to their best condition with a simple and effective drain cleaning. Thanks to trenchless options, we are able to perform this process inside of the pipes without disrupting your Athens, Georgia property. It’s as easy as entering an existing access point with our equipment, blasting away the residue and blockages, and leaving you to enjoy your newly cleaned pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspection

It seems impossible to maintain something that we can’t see directly. But thanks to technological advancements, we can do just that. Without digging up the ground to get to the pipes, our tools allow us to access them directly to perform each task. Both before and after cleanings, we are able to perform sewer camera inspections, which give us an in-depth look at the inside of the pipes to see their conditions, any damage, and if they need to be cleaned. The inspections will show us if there are invading tree roots inside the pipes and layers of residue and buildup. If so, we know that hydro jetting is the ideal option to clean the pipes fully and restore them to like-new conditions.

Athens Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jetting Services in Athens

Hydro jetting uses high-pressurized water that shoots out of a specialized nozzle at 4000 psi, slicing through anything in its path like a sword and washing it down the drain and away for good. The head of the nozzle has strategically spaced holes that allow the water to hit all angles and parts of the pipes, through twists, turns, and straight shots. This will ensure that it’s a full cleaning and that everything is cleaned to perfection.

To ensure a job was done well, we perform another sewer camera inspection to view the pipes after the cleaning. What we can now see more clearly will be the direct pipe that was underneath the layers of buildup. This lets us determine if there are any leaks, cracks, or breakage that need immediate attention. We can also see the true condition of the overall pipes at this point, which can help us determine whether a total replacement may be the better option. Keep in mind, total replacements also are offered using no-dig, trenchless solutions.

If you’re in the Athens, GA area and are looking for trained professionals to build a relationship with, set routine cleanings with, and trust with your plumbing needs as they arise, call The Pipe Medic today.

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