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How We Fix Cracked Cast Iron Sewer Lines Without Digging Trenches

If you’re looking for a way to fix your cast iron pipes, look no further! The Pipe Medic offers trenchless solutions to patch up your leaks and cracks, or even replace the entire pipe.

The Problem With Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipe erosion, both externally and internally, are caused by fairly normal acids and high mineral levels over time. Signs that you may be experiencing a leak include water-stained floorboards or carpet, slow drains, frequent clogs, and foul smells similar to rotten eggs. If your home has these symptoms, please call one of our professionals right away. A simple crack or leak can lead to extensive water damage if left untreated.

How We Fix It

To prevent the possible water damage from happening, we offer our trenchless cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining process. This process can be used for spot-fixing, rather than replacing the entire pipe. This method does not require us to dig up parts of your home and create trenches in your yard or hallways, and all we need is a small access point.

This process begins with a video inspection that gives our technician an idea of the damage and which method would be more beneficial. After the inspection, we clean the pipe and remove debris and buildup in order to restore it to its original diameter and water flow. Then we insert a tube coated with epoxy into the affected pipe and use a bladder to inflate it. This pushes the epoxy against the walls of the pipe so that it will maintain that specific size and diameter. It takes roughly a full day to cure and harden into a new pipe or smooth over the leak. And once it’s finished, the pipe can be used right away!

Call The Pipe Medic

The CIPP process is an effective method for fixing pipelines quickly and reliably. When it comes to fixing your cast iron pipes, The Pipe Medic has solutions that are affordable and can also be preventative maintenance for your home. If you’d like to discuss the options we offer or just set up an appointment, please give us a call at 770-628-5451!

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