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How does the Atlanta heat affect my plumbing?

“Hotlanta” is a term coined for the many attractions that make Atlanta, Goergia a “hot” and booming city to visit or be in, but it can also be taken literally due to the high heat that can be reach in the summer months. Many things become complicated in the hot months, including people’s health, severe weather conditions, and dehydration. The last thing that anyone probably worries about it their plumbing. But can plumbing be affected by seasonal change or are there particular times of year that plumbing issues tend to increase?

As bizarre as it sounds, there may be a few differences that are noticed about the state of your sewer system in the summer. What could possibly change enough to affect what’s beneath the ground?

Ground Heat and Moisture

Hot months mean humid and rainy weather. Whether we like to admit it or not, the rainy days can be a burden. They are great for cooling down the temperature temporarily, but with an influx of rain water rushing into storm drains, it can cause backup so bad that it affects residential and commercial water sources as well. It’s important to keep an eye out for overflowing water from sewer drains during continuously heavy rains.

Lots of showers bring lots of flowers - and growth! This goes for trees as well. While watering is great for the nurturing of trees and helping them grow, that increases the likelihood of roots stretching and breaking through the pipes, causing root intrusion and blockages in drains. Roots can cause debris to get stuck more easily which causes blockages.

Increased Use in Warmer Months

Summer calls for the use of more water due to kids being home from school all day long. Summer is also a popular time for cookouts, swimming, and other fun summer activities causing us to cook more, shower more, and use more water. While it’s not really our fault and it’s just a change in seasonal lifestyles, it does increase the chances of something going wrong due to the increase in usage.

If you’re in Atlanta, GA and the rain has sewage backed up or the summer months got the best of your system, call The Pipe Medic to help address your issues and needs. They can keep you cool and calm during a sewer issue and help you get on the track of enjoying the rest of your summer worry free!

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