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What Contractors Don’t Tell You About Sewer Repair

Are you building a new home or an addition to your home? There are several considerations to keep in mind when you are taking on such a project. One of them concerns what is happening beyond the foundation of your home.

Your home’s plumbing system is vital to your home. You could look at your home in much the same way as your body. The plumbing is much like your circulatory system and digestive system combined. The plumbing in your house moves fluids around (water) to where it is needed most and also disposes of waste water. Your body performs virtually the same functions with blood and waste.

Then There Are The Repairs

What contractors don’t normally tell you about is sewer repair. They will build the home or addition on the cement foundation and connect water and sewer lines where needed. They don’t concern themselves with the condition of the sewer lines. As long as everything works – water runs when a tap is opened – then they are satisfied that the life blood of the new home or addition is flowing.

But sometimes, long after the contractors have been gone from the job site and you have moved into your new home of expanded into the addition, a problem can occur. This is common if the underground pipe system was already in place when you built your new home. Depending on the age of those underground pipes, you may find yourself dealing with a whole new building project.

Here’s How To Know If The Pipes Are Still Working Right

There is an extremely easy way to find out what is going on in the buried sewer drain pipes without having to dig them out. At The Pipe Medic we use trenchless technologies for all our sewer repairs. This means there is no excavation required. The way we would examine your underground pipes is with a camera. That’s right. We would dig one or two small holes down to the pipe connection points and insert a small video camera.

That camera would give us an up close and very details view of what is going on inside those pipes. We will be able to tell the condition of the pipes as well as spot potential problems developing. Contractors won’t tell you this about sewer repair simply because it’s not something they are equipped to perform on the job site.

For Peace of Mind About Your Plumbing

If you’ve added onto your existing home or just built a new one, be sure about the underground parts of your plumbing system by calling us at The Pipe Medic for a camera inspection.

It is the most efficient and effective way to find out if the pipes in your yard are in good condition or if they are breaking down. Our sewer camera inspection system can identify all potential problems ranging from cracks and leaks to breaks, cave ins and clogs. You can find out more by reaching us via email or you can book an appointment by calling us direct at 770-628-5451.

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