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For Commercial Sewer Repair What Size Pipes Do You Recommend?

Do you have any idea what is going on underground in your sewer pipes? Chances are you probably rarely even think about them. This is why you need to have a professional plumbing crew visit your home or business to conduct a sewer line check up.

The idea behind this is that although your sewer lines may be working fine today, there could be something going on inside them that you won’t know about without an inspection. Sure, if your plumbing has had no problems in the time you have been in your home or business it is a safe thing to say that there is a possibility that nothing will happen. However, there is an equal chance that something will happen to your sewer pipes. In fact, there could be something happening right now.

Have you noticed the drains taking longer than usual to empty? That could be a hint of something happening further down the sewer and drain line that you can’t see. It could be the start of a clog. In commercial buildings a clog in the sewer line can result from the mixture of organic material, grease, hair and whatever else gets sent down the system. It doesn’t take long for a clog to slowly choke off the flow and sooner or later drains move slower and sewer gases can be detected near a sink or drain.

This is why it is a good idea to call The Pipe Medic and request a pipe inspection. The last thing you want is to have a situation where sewer pipes are damaged severely and the repair will leave you asking the question “What size sewer pipes do you recommend?” For commercial sewer repair service The Pipe Medic will be able to get inside your pipes and check them out long before you need to have them visit you for a repair. The pipe inspection process involves minimal digging and the insertion of a small video camera.

The camera provides us with ‘eyes inside the pipe’ if you can visualize that. The video shows us very accurately the condition of your pipes from inside your pipes. It is a lot less time consuming and far less expensive than having to bring heavy equipment into your property to excavate a pipe. Plus, it is much more accurate than removing pipe and cutting into them to figure what the problem is. One more plus is that trenchless technology – which is what the method is called – is much kinder to the environment. That’s because we don’t need heavy pieces of equipment to get a look inside your sewer line.

For more information on trenchless technology or to book an appointment for a pipe inspection all you have to do is contact us at The Pipe Medic. We don’t want you to have to spend more than you should with your sewer system so a pipe inspection is a good way to see a problem long before it becomes a costly repair. We can be reached via email or if you prefer, you can phone us direct at our office. Call 770-628-5451 for details.

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