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How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

Did you know that about 25 million American families on average have one or more rooms in their homes ruined by frozen water pipes breaking? You see, water expands as it freezes and can exert over 2,000 pounds of pressure per …

Preventing Pipes From Freezing: What You Can Do

If your pipes freeze and break this winter, hire a trenchless pipe repair service. First of all, these repairs wont dig up your lawn like traditional repair methods, something that 73% of homeowners would gladly pay more for. …

Finding Frozen Pipes: What You Should Be on the Watch For

Winter can be pretty troublesome. It can cover your driveway in feet of snow, drive up your heating bill, and worst of all freeze your pipes, which can ultimately break them, potentially costing you hundreds. As we head into the …

3 Clear Signs Youve Got a Sewer Problem

Nobody likes having to deal with sewer repairs, but if the signs are there, you cant ignore them. If you do, you're not only going to have a huge mess on your hands, but the problem with your sewer pipes may worsen. Heres what you …

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