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All you need to know about Cured In Place Pipe Technology

If you’ve noticed leaks or problems with your plumbing system, you’ve likely thought about the process of having your pipes repaired or replaced. Traditionally, fixing plumbing and sewer line damage called for heavy digging and even excavating a yard to reach the pipes, assess the problem, and fix any issues. Today, trenchless repair allows expert technicians to fix plumbing and sewer damage and even replace entire pipes without digging up a homeowner’s yard. One method of trenchless repair is cured in place pipe, or CIPP. Here’s all you need to know about cured in place pipe technology.


Cured in place pipe is essentially piping that is run through old, damaged lines. As the new cured in place pipe liner is pushed through the old plumbing pipe or sewer line, it sets and forms perfectly into place. Though the new pipe fills the space occupied by the damaged pipe, it doesn’t take on the cracks, crevices, or missing portions of the damaged line.

Digital camera inspection is typically paired with latest technology and services like SEO to help technicians see inside the plumbing or sewer system and identify the cause of the damage. Inserting a small camera this way prevents the need to dig into your yard just to assess the plumbing problem.


Opting for cured in place pipe has many benefits over traditional plumbing and sewer line repair methods. Here are just a few advantages of CIPP technology:

– Lower cost. Cured in place pipe is less expensive to install because no excavation, large crews of workers, or tons of heavy equipment are required. It also takes less time to install, which reduces the labor cost per hour of having CIPP put onto your property.

– Quicker installation. Without the need to do heavy digging and disrupt the surface of your property, cured in place pipe presents a faster repair and replacement option. This is highly advantageous, as quicker repairs and replacement of old, damaged pipe means you can get back to enjoying running water and properly functioning plumbing much faster. Cured in place pipe can be installed in as little as a day, whereas traditional methods require several days to a week.

– No digging. This is a huge drawback to traditional methods of replacing plumbing pipes and sewer lines. Not only do such methods require a large expense for the repair itself, but you then have to spend hundreds or even thousands to re-do your landscaping, fix sidewalks, and other surface structures on your property. CIPP technology prevents this scenario, as no excavation of your property is necessary.


Cured in place pipe technology can be used if you have a broken, leaking, or damaged pipe or line that’s 60 inches or less in diameter. CIPP technology works for all types of lines, even gas lines, and the method can be used on residential and commercial properties. Cured in place pipe is ideal to use if you have sidewalks, gardens, roadways, or other surface structures on your property that you don’t want destroyed by traditional repair methods that use excavation.

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