How Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Allows You to Make a New Pipe Inside an Old One

August 21, 2017 in Trenchless Technologies

Your plumbing can go out one day due to many reasons. Maybe it’s fallen in disrepair due to the years of wear and tear. Tree roots may have invaded the cracks and seams, forming a pesky blockage. The last thing a homeowner would want to hear is that their pipes will have to be replaced by a new one.

Why does “plumbing repair” elicit that kind of response? Picture your yard, lawn or garden dug up by heavy machinery. A ruined landscape just so the technicians could locate the failing sewer line and fix it. The days of disruption for residential and commercial properties, plus the fact that you’ll be the one responsible for putting everything back together, may be just too much for some homeowners.

But things are different now. The no-dig solution called trenchless technology is here. It solves all the hassles associated with traditional sewer line repair. This process is quicker, more efficient, and simpler as it lays a new pipe inside your old ones.

Trenchless methods have been in existence since 15 years and counting. Homeowners and business owners who didn’t know that most sewer line issues can be solved with just two access points will appreciate the fact that everything can be fixed in just a matter of hours instead of days.

Here’s how the no-dig solution works:

Pipe Lining Method

In the pipe lining process, our technician no longer needs to take out the old pipe and replace it with a new one, or dig up trenches to locate the actual source of the problem. You will be able to work or go about doing your daily obligations as the repair is taking place.

The first thing our technicians do is to get a visual on the problem. An advanced CCTV camera is inserted down into the sewer lines. Using hydrojetting, we clear out possible root infiltration and calcified buildups on the inside diameter of your pipe, flushing them away via highly pressurized jets of water.

A small access point is created to allow the special epoxy-coated liner to enter. The tube is then inserted down to the pipe structure and inflated when it’s in the problem area. The resin is allowed to harden, or “cure” in just a few hours’ time. Weak spots, cracks, leaks and seams are solved in just one application. The jointless new pipe is as good as a brand-new one placed within your sewer system.

The new pipe material allows for a better flow of fluids that pass through. There’s now a lesser chance for large clogs and calcified buildup to occur. The jointless aspect makes it impossible for tree roots to enter. Homeowners can opt for the trenchless method if they want their pipes to last 50 years or more.

Start Today

Trenchless sewer pipe repair beats out traditional sewer repairs in both time and money savings. Why choose traditional repair when the newer no-dig solution is much better in all aspects? Call The Pipe Medic today to schedule your trenchless sewer repair and get unparalleled peace of mind.


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